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Star Bios

Title  Who's In It File Type  Size
Rikishi Driver on Perry Saturn Rikishi and Perry Saturn .avi 420.20KB 
Rock Wipes The House Rock, Vince and Shane .rm 1068.50KB
Rock Finishes Steph Rock and Steph .rm 1024.60KB 
Rock Bottom ON Steph Rock, Kurt and Steph .avi 295.60KB 
Rock Pedegreeing HHH Through A Table Rock and HHH .avi 336.62KB
Royal Rumble '96 HBK, Disel (A.K.A Kevin Nash), Bulldog .zip (.mpg in .zip) 9862.80KB
Undertaker Vs Edge Taker and Edge .rm 3001.45KB
TooCools Old Titantron Video TooCool and Rikishi .mpg 4784.00KB 
Undertaker Demands Title Shot Rock, Kane, Taker, HHH, Steph, Shane, Vince .rm 2642.45KB
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Undertaker Does Unholy Chokeslam On Shane Taker and Shane .zip (.mov in .zip) 780.08KB
(Same as above)Longer Version With Rock Winning Title Taker, Shane, Rock and Vince .RAM 887.49KB
Undertaker and Kane Destroy The Faction Taker, Kane, Rock, HHH, VInce, X-Pac, Road Dogg, Shane, Steph, Brisco,  .rm 2243.78KB


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