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Welcome! to the 9th wonder of the world!! Visit Her WWF Divas Profile.


Chyna has inspired many, she has achived a great deal in the WWF and is now in the prime of her career. She was the 1st woman to enter a 30Man Royal Rumble, changing the rules. She has won the intercontinental title. She was a main part in the formation of DX. She has stared in Playboy. All this makes her a role model for the people of today. Although she was knocked back by people who thought she wouldnt make it she has stuck through everything and now sits firmly on her achivements.

Name: Chyna  REAL NAME JOANIE LAURA china.jpg (9670 bytes)
Age: 29
Height: 6ft
Weight: 200Ib
Home Town: New Hampshire
Signature Moves: Low Blow
Catchphrases: 'Dont Treat Me Like A Woman'
Titles: Intercontinental Champion (3)
Womans Champion


WAV   Don't Treat Me Like a Woman  276.4K
AVI      Pedegree  309K

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