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Chris Jerico

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Chris Jericho

Name:    Chris Jericho real name Chris Irvine  
Age:  29  
Height: 6ft  
Weight: 231Ib  
Signature Moves: Walls of Jericho (submission move)
Lionsault (back flip from the ropes)
Double Power bomb
Catchphrases: Never E-E-E-Ever; Y2J; Jericholics;  the ayatolla of rock'n'rolla.  
Titles: European Champion; Intercontinental Champion (3)  
Stop Complaining Because The Files Are Here:

AVI     Lionsault on Kurt Angle
AVI     Frankinstiner On Chris Benoit
WAV  Welcome To Raw Is Jericho
ZIP     Screen Saver
MP3   Break The Walls Down

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